My passion is to empower women so they can live their best life!

My goal is to teach women how to take care of themselves, improve their wellbeing and look amazing inside-out. I use Skin Care, Face Yoga, Gua-Sha and Wellness Coaching as my main tools to achieve this.

Face Yoga and More

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One to one Face Yoga Online Session

One to one 1.5 horus session will include personalized consultation, breathing exercises, upper face and lower face workouts, personalized acupressure points, massage techniques, relaxation techniques and well-being coaching. $70

Online Group Face Yoga Session

My weekly one hour Face Yoga Group Class via Zoom includes general safety advice, breathing exersices, neck & shoulder exercises, upper face and lower face workout, relaxation and meditation techniques. Reserve yoour spot!!

Saturdays 9:00 AM EST $10

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Special Group Online Face Yoga Sessions

Enjoy a Face yoga session with your family and friends around the world. Connect, laugh and enjoy 45 minutes with the best energy!

We do face workouts, massage, acupressure and relaxation exercises and meditation. $60 & unlimited atendees.

Please contact us to find the right time for you:

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Gua-Sha massage 20 min session

You will learn how to use the Gua-Sha, an ancient Chinese tool, and its benefits for your skin overall health. 20 minutes personalized online session $20

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Body Detox

Program designed to detox your body in just 10 days, eating one POWER smoothie every morning and with a list of suggestions on how to eat to help your body eliminate excess fat and toxins.  $80

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BeStart Program

Design to reprogram your metabolism in 42 days, it will help you lose unwanted weight and create healthy habits. $199 initial purchase.

Ask me for more information:

“I am teaching you how you can use your own hands to help your face look and feel great and use simple techniques to help your mind feel amazing too. “