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If you want to have award winning Gua-Sha Tools as part of your skin care routine, you have come to the right place!!

I fell in love with Hayo’u and use them every day because you just need “one minute to self-care”…and now I want to make them available to you.

Hayo’u guarantees that the jade tools are 100% Xiuyan jade, and are certified by the British Association of Gemologists.

The Beauty Restorer Rose Quartz™ is 100% Rose Quartz crystal & hand made from a natural product.

Rinse your tool with water after use to prevent any build-up of oil.

Below you can find a Gua-Sha tool that fits your needs. If you send me an order, please make sure you tell me which one you want in the notes.

Shipping $8.95 in the USA.

I’m an authorized retailer for hayoumethod.com